3 Smart Tips to Stay on Track

When you decide to embark on your health journey, keep in mind that you will want to stay on top of your progress, and keep yourself accountable in some way. You may, or may not be familiar with S.M.A.R.T goals, but I highly recommend this tool. The acronym S.M.A.R.T stands for specific, measureable, achievable, relevant, and timely. I have found that when I formulated my goals using this tool, I have been more effective in getting the results I wanted. Even though S.M.A.R.T goals have kept me pointed in the right direction, I have needed a little boost along the way as I adjusted, and managed things. These 3 smart tips may lend a little perspective for you.

We often times find ourselves over zealous, and so anxious to make a positive change that we end up setting ourselves up for failure. Making progress towards the end result is important, and understanding that the change we seek is not going to happen over night.

Okay, so how many times have you eaten something, thoroughly enjoyed the indulgence, but was left feeling guilty. Better yet, have you ever decided to start exercising, and all of a sudden realized it’s been awhile since you hit the gym? I am sure many of you can relate to this experience. The great thing about those experiences is that they have shown us that we are human. It has also hammered home the truth that most change occurs within our own personal process.

With all of this in mind, here are 3 smart tips to support your S.M.A.R.T goals, and keep you moving along your path:

1) Remember that your process is your process. When we see others accomplish things in a certain way, or within a certain time period, it skews our perspective. We think “if he or she did it, so can I.” Yes, getting it done may not be the question. The recipe just may be a little bit different.

2) Give yourself room to breathe. Doing something in a different way, or initiating a lifestyle change is in and of itself not an easy task. Be gentle with yourself as you start your process. When you press,or stress yourself out, you will inevitably sabotage your end result.

3) Get back in the Saddle. When things happen(as they often times do), and throw us off, Keep moving with your goal in sight. We often times come away from that situation with our arsenal strengthened, and even more determined to reach our goals.

As you are managing your S.M.A.R.T goals, please refer to these 3 smart tips for a bit of extra support, and encouragement. Keep it moving!

Lessons From the Mirror

Mirror We all look in the mirror a few times day, and usually the purpose is an analysis to make sure our appearance is what we want it to be. With that being said, I have to ask this question: Is the person you see in the mirror, the person you you want to be? How much of a make-over do you have to do to get yourself “right?” How pleasing, or displeasing is what you see? Coaching can help you to gain a whole new perspective on your life and change your outlook.There are some inherent truths that we can all  bear to be reminded of from time to time. What I want to remind you of at this moment is that you are perfect. There are no errors, and no flaws in who you are. Your creator did not make any mistakes in your design.

So, When you look in the mirror, smile, and tell yourself that you love yourself. It is far more beneficial to embrace who you are than to disguise, or shun something that is inherent. When you accept your wholeness, and beauty an interesting thing is going to happen. The you that you see in the mirror is going to change. The mirror is going to reflect back to you exactly who you believe you are.

Mind Your Thinking

I love my sticky notes! They are all over the place, and I really don’t know what I would do without them.They just keep No limitsme conscious of  what needs to be done. They key word here is conscious.

It is truly amazing how many things we do subconsciously.  We literally run on autopilot a good bit of the time. Take for example the many times we have left the house, and wondered if we put your garage door down only to turn around, and discover that we had in fact put the door down. Better yet, think about our drives to work. A good portion of that drive we can’t even recall.

If our minds are rampant, and things are going on that we aren’t even aware of, how much of our lives are we living with direction, and true intention? How might our autopilot limit our goals, dreams, and our true expression?

Working with a Coach can provide you with resources to help you become more mindful. When we are able to harness our mental activity, we open ourselves up to a whole new life experience. This experience is one that we are  conscious of, and truly living. We aren’t just existing.

In merely existing we have bound ourselves to subconscious limits. The good thing is that you have the power to set yourself free and live with no limits.

Life Performance Enhancement specializes in supporting you in your personal breakthrough, and the achievement of your goals. When you  identify behaviors that have been limiting,  and implement a plan to overcome those obstacles, you have set yourself in the right direction.

Nutrition and Breast Cancer (Part 1)

There are so many things that have been thought of as causes to breast cancer.  Some of those things we can control, and some of them we cannot. Because diet is one of those risk factors that we have some control over, it warrants our attention.  Our best defense when it comes our health is to be proactive and do whatever we can. The stronger our immune systems are and the healthier we are, the more capable we are of dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis, and it’s treatments.

This first article will focus on our nutritional choices to promote overall good health, fend off disease, and better deal with any malaise or breakdowns.  There is strong evidence that supports our ability to bolster, and strengthen our immune systems based on our food choices.  I advocate a diet rich with cruciferous vegetables, fresh organic fruit, and if you are a meat eater, farm raised meat protein. When it comes to caloric intake, that is a bit more complicated, and will vary from person-to-person. Your height, current body weight, and  the need, or desire to gain or lose weight, will indicate your Recommended Daily Intake, or RDI.

Why do I advocate these items? Well, first and foremost,  there is sound evidence to support their health and cancer fighting  properties. Cruciferous veggies such as cabbage, broccoli, and brussel sprouts are rich in nutrients and help to deactivate cancer causing agents. Organic fruit provides you with complex sugars, and is void of carcinogenic pesticides and fertilizers. The same is reportedly true of farm raised meat.

I shared a few food items that would be beneficial for you, but on the flip side, I suggest you steer clear of some food products that have ample evidence to support their links to cancer.  Simple sugars, water that is not stored in BPA free bottles, and dairy products. I emphasize that this is a very short list of no no’s. Eliminating these items would be a good start, and certainly promote a healthier body system.

Our best defense when it comes our health is being proactive.. The stronger our immune systems are and the healthier we are, the more capable we are of dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis, and it’s treatments. Because medical science has not come forth with any conclusive evidence to pinpoint the direct cause of breast cancer, it is important for us to focus on those risk factors, such as dietary intake,  that are within our control.

If you want to get the detailed skinny on the research findings around nutrition and breast cancer visit the National Cancer Institutes Website.

Sports Illustrated India Interview(prelude)

Awareness in India

I have had the pleasant opportunity to do an interview with Sports Illustrated India. Much to my dismay, breast cancer has taken it’s toll on the population there and the numbers are increasing. I attribute that to the presence of companies like Monsanto, and the likes, but more on that later.

This interview is being conducted more or less to inspire the people of their country with hope and to spread awareness. As this interview is being conducted, I sense my interviewer attempting to attach some super-human attributes to survivors. My continued responses are to get her to understand that coming through a diagnosis and getting a clean bill of health are dependent on a number of variables. One of those variables just being fate. It is very humbling to have this correspondence.  I hope that what I share will inspire, and bring a consciousness to the people of India.

There will be 3 parts to this Interview. Each part will consist of 5  questions that have been posed. I have been asked many of these questions a number of times before, but on different occasions. Each time, there is a deeper reflection, and maybe some of the answers even change. I realize that as I dealt with my diagnosis, there are some things that escape my memory. I have simply relied upon others to be my memory, and waited for time to pass to provide the clarity. Traumatic events will do that to you.

Because I am engaging in this interview, I took it upon myself to look up some statistics and see how breast cancer is affecting the Indian population. Sadly enough, the incidence rate is high, and mounting yearly.  One article predicts that the rate will double by 2015.  What is even more tragic is that in India, there are medical professionals that are not oncologist treating and helping those who are diagnosed to make decisions. There is no telling how this type of treatment is affecting outcomes. Read more here

I will begin posting the 3 part interview once the interview is complete, and published. I hope to be able to share an online version. In the meantime, stay tuned, as I share more about the breast cancer situation in lndia.


Survivor’s Spirit

Survivor’s Spirit

Here recently, I made the acquaintance of a fellow survivor.  That is not the significance of this share. There are survivors all around us.  The significance of the share are the variations in which this woman took control of her health. She stood before me, more or less because of her proactivity, and faith in something that was not advocated.

She was told that if she did not move forward with the treatment she was prescribed, she would be dead within a year. That was four years ago! As I sat across from this woman, I felt her strength, her conviction, her determination to live, and her overwhelming sense of accomplishment.   I sat there only imagining the pressure that she felt from not only her doctors, but her family.

Although at the time, all she knew was what medical professionals were telling her, she had faith in another way.  Out of the sheer fact that intuitively she did not “feel” chemotherapy and radiation were  best for her, she began to educate herself on her condition and how to manage, or treating herself.  What I am even more impressed with in this story is that my friend was only 28 at the time. What courage!  What faith!

Now, I can here some people mumbling in the background…….”Yeah I had a friend who took an alternative route, and such and such happened.”  or,  I can hear others of your  quipping that “Whatever my doctor tells me, that’s what I’m doing.”  All of these are your choices. You are more than entitled to your choices. This share is an to attempt to open some eyes, and possibly show you that you have more power when you believe when it comes to your health. There is no reason to be pressured, or accept any form of treatment, if it does not resonate with you.  This is in no way shape, or form  advocating that everyone rebuke conventional medicine. It is advocating that we all educate, understand, and act in accordance with what we learn and feel.

If you are willing to put forth the effort. if you are willing to assume some responsibility for your health there are options.  Far too many of us fall prey to a circumstance, or condition, because we blindly accept what is being told to us.

My friend is a glowing example of assuming responsibility.  She radiates, and is full of life!  She represents the leap of faith that many people are fearful of exploring!  Thank you, my  friend.  Your journey is admirable.

You are loved!!!!

WNBA Breast Health Week

First of all, I would like to thank the WNBA for continuing it’s role in generating Breast Health Awareness.  Breast Health Awareness Week has been an important National effort that took place in the WNBA communities.  This effort lends much-needed attention to the fight against breast cancer. The more awareness is promoted the more women are encouraged to do their breast-self exams, and get their clinical exams and mammograms. Ultimately, the WNBA, is encouraging early detection, which could help in save lives.

I don’t believe I felt the impact of Breast Health Awareness Nights until after my personal bout.  What I became in tune with was how being in the stands affected someone who is living past  a diagnosis. The survivors that sit in the stands of WNBA games look on and are charged with energy. They watch young vibrant, athletic women display their talent and they are inspired, and infused with energy and life. On the flip side of that, as a player, I felt, and understood how significant the opportunity to connect and share with those ladies has been.  They too have shared their gifts, and touched my life in an unforgettable way.

For the players who continue to inspire these survivors, I hope you understand the impact you have on a woman who may be fighting for her life. The hug you give, or the pink ball that you sign, may be the highlight of that persons day. Those acts of kindness and love may be the very thing that someone needed to get through a tough day. Hats off, and mad respect for the giving of yourselves in a way that only the recipients of your love and kindness will understand and appreciate.

Nearly 200,000 women are diagnosed annually, and the chances are you know someone, or know of someone who has been diagnosed. The magnitude of the disease is at a proportion that touches all of our lives. Whether you have a relative, friend, or colleague that has been diagnosed, you have felt the rippling effects of that diagnosis. You are probably reading this article because you have had an experience with breast cancer.

If you are near a WNBA city, I encourage you to make your way to a game, support not only Breast Health Awareness, but some amazing athletes who support and encourage women to fight, and live courageously.


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