Take a Personal Time-Out


If we make time for anything in our days, it should be the time we take for ourselves. It is so easy to get caught up with everything that needs to be tended to in a day, and forget the most important thing we have,  our health and well-being. We go, and go until we start to have little warning signs to slow down. We get fatigued, then we start forgetting things, or our work becomes less efficient. All the while, our body system is being taxed. More often than not, we find it difficult to slow down unless we have to. Having to means something out of our control slows our roll.

The world becomes such a different place when we can still our minds. When we actually experience the days, and are not just racing through them. Let me ask you a question. Can you recall what you were doing yesterday at this exact time? Many of us will not be able to remember this piece of our lives.  When I say that the world becomes such a different place, what I mean is that our perception of it changes. The presence of not just our bodies, but our minds gives us a richer experience.

To really hammer this point home, let’s look at this from another angle. We have a limited number of days to experience this life. If half of the time we don’t know what is going on, or are numb, we are robbing ourselves of something hugely invaluable. If you really want to make each moment count, live it, don’t just pass through it comatose, and wonder where the time went.

The beautiful thing about giving yourself time is that as a result of your attention to self, the attention that you are capable of giving others is enhanced. Your relationships will be directly impacted. You may find that your ability to listen, and truly engage with others is noticeably improved. Ultimately, you will see that what you give to yourself magnifies what you are capable of giving to others.

Today, think about this need for rejuvenation, and self-restoration. Contemplate the pros and cons of a deepened relationship with yourself and others. You may consider setting aside a few moments  during your day to be still, and quiet your mind. When you feel the acuity of your awareness sharpen, and sense your days becoming more rewarding, you have attained yet another level in this journey.  Your personal time-out is really plugging-in.

All is Never Lost When We Value Ourselves


It sometimes takes a rude awakening to bring us to terms with what is of true value in our lives. Have you ever had something stolen from you? I have, and I can attest to the feeling of loss, and violation. To date, it is one of my most painful experiences. Although I had to make some adjustments, and life didn’t seem as convenient, I learned a few things as I ambled through that time period.

As always, the sun will rise, and with it brings a fresh beginning, and an opportunity to embrace, the positives in our new experiences. My biggest take-away from having something stolen is the reminder that the things we have accumulated have no bearing on my worth. We may identify with material things, and get attached to them, but the truth remains that they don’t up our stock as human beings. This revelation took some time, I must admit, but in the end there was a resolve in this awareness. From a very early age we start to value and esteem the things.  Just watch a young child playing with his, or her beloved toy, and watch the response when another child, or an adult just happens to take that item.  Total break-down. Why? There is joy, and comfort in those things, and in some cases, there is a confidence derived in that connection.

Let me walk you through what I experienced, just so you can imagine the situation, and possibly relate. I parked my car in a familiar location. My plan was to make a quick stop, and be on my way. The quick stop wasn’t as quick as I anticipated it would be, but nonetheless, when I returned to the location where I thought I parked my car, there was no car to be found.  I say thought, because, I seriously had to stop, and wonder if I parked somewhere else. Thus began my downward spiral in my feelings of loss and grief.  Sound like a familiar scenario?

Losses such as the loss of my car have opened the doors for new things to fill my space, and consciousness. In this experience, and similar circumstances, I have learned some sure-fire ways to lessen the blows. The first thing that I have found to be helpful is to validate myself, and understand why I feel what we feel. Our perception of the pain is real, and deserves our attention. Sometimes in these moments of introspection, we manage to resolve our discomfort, and sense of loss.  Another tactic that I have had success with during difficult times has been to simply divert my attention. Find something else to focus on. Get a new book. Start a new project. Volunteer to help others in some capacity. All is not lost when we recognize our own value. The next time you feel like you have lost something that has left a trail of pain, or emptiness, try to refocus your energy outside of the doldrums of your disappointment.   Share your laughter, and your unique gifts with those around you. You will find that you are a grand gift, and far more valuable than you give yourself credit for sometimes.

Claim Your Victory


Life is a beautiful journey. If you are reading this blog, you are a testament of overcoming. Your existence, your survival would not have been possible without jumping a few hurdles. In fact, you have probably jumped a few hurdles, and landed flat on your face. The fall is not highlighted to belittle, it is highlighted to esteem, and bring to your awareness your right to claim your victory.

All too often, we overlook our daily accomplishments. They may not be our ultimate goals, but they are worthy of our acknowledgement, and warrant our attention. After all, if we cannot appreciate the small things, why would we be entrusted with the grander things, those ultimate dreams? When the journey has taken a toll on us, as it sometimes does, we find little joy in the incremental successes. We feel numb to them, sensing that the tide is going to change at some point. But, If we can learn to build on the small things, and allow that momentum to cultivate a confidence in our tomorrows, we will run the victory lap like the champions that we are.

I would like you to provide you with an opportunity to cultivate your confidence, and see yourself as triumphant, and accomplished. Just for a few moments, think of 2-3 situations in your life that have been challenging, yet you managed to make it through. Write these situations down. Now, I would like you to focus on what you did, and what resources you utilized to win in each situation. Write these down as well. Think about how you felt once things had been resolved. Are you smiling? I hope so. That is the stuff you are made of, and that is the stuff we want to celebrate everyday!

Sometimes you just gotta toot our own horn. Sometimes you just have to let yourself know that you are victorious. I hope you decide that today marks the start of seeing yourself through a new set of lenses. See yourself as someone who has won in life. Claim your victory.